Welcome to the psychology practice site of Scott Edwards, Ph.D.

Thank you for visiting my website. Lighthouse Family Counseling serves as the hub for the various psychological services I offer. As a clinical child and adolescent psychologist and pediatric neuropsychologist by training, my services focus on the needs of children, teenagers, and their families.

I offer a full range of psychological and neuropsychological evaluations through my Pediatric Neuropsychology Clinic. I provide evaluations, case consultation, and expert testimony through my Child & Family Forensic Psychology Service. I dabble in the arena of Sports Psychology through my brand "Get Your Brain in the Game". And, I offer counseling for young people and families via the Lighthouse Family Counseling name.

All my services are firmly based on a Christian ethical foundation. My mission is to extend God's glory by offering psychological services marked by integrity, competence, quality, and compassion.

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Why My Husband of Three Years and I Go to Marriage Counseling: Therapy is not just for couples in trouble.

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